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Mar 21, 2017

The introduction of gambling in India happened way back. We Indians worship distinct God and goddess. Each God has been acknowledged and individuals worship them in an infinite number of ways based on family tradition, community, and regional practices. For instance, Brahma; the creator, Vishnu; the preserver, Saraswati; The goddess of knowledge, Laxmi; the goddess of fortune and many others.

Hindu worship different gods in different festivals in a year. One of the festivals is Diwali. There are many interesting customs related to Diwali throughout India. One of the unique customs of Diwali is gambling. It’s written in mythology that Goddess Parvati enjoyed playing dice with her spouse Lord Shiva on this day. She won the gamble on this night and declared that anyone who would win the gamble will remain prosperous throughout the year. However, cards have replaced the dice now. It is believed that Lakshmi brings good fortune and wealth to those who gamble on Diwali.

In India during independence, gambling was enjoyed by only high society elites. Gambling was introduced for the trading purpose of New York exchange to Bombay exchange. However, it became so popular among middle and lower class people after first Matka king rattan Khatri introduced this game in a simple and easy way.

Today, there is now an online platform for gambling through cards or by choice. Satta Matka is one of such games and tops all the gambling games. Simple rules to play and win real money through Satta gambling. Satta Matka is the backbone of India’s business now. Winning by a random number or by playing cards make this game not only easy to understand but enjoyable too. This game is a convenient way to earn money. And any social status people can join this game online.

Online platform gives obvious accessibility to understand the rule of the game. One must try his luck to win plenty of money through it. Other gambling games like horse race course or any other are time-consuming and need to earn knowledge about horses or the company. But Satta Matka totally depends on the individual’s choice of a number or his act of playing cards.

It is played in every bar and club of India. The people who suffer financial loss can use the Matka gambling. This game totally depends on luck. It gives hope to those who can use their good fortune to get FORTUNE.

Satta Matka can fulfill your dream need.



⇛ कल्याण धमाकेदार स्पेशल चांस

💫 सोमवार से शनिवार डेली कमाओ पूरा हफ्ता ऑफर गेम 💫

☞ सिर्फ 1 जोड़ी है आज

☞ सिर्फ ओपन 2 पत्ती

☞ जोड़ी और पत्ती दोनो पास होगी

☞ गारंटी चांस १००% पास

जिसका एडवांस चार्ज RS Rs. 3000/- Hai

वीकली चार्ज एडवांस RS Rs. 6000/- Hai

Call : +91-7064114071


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